Yoga during pregnancy

Many moms asked me what I did during pregnancy to remain healthy. During my Lamaze classes our instructor asked me what I were struggling with in pregnancy. It was about the 7th month and all I had to complain about was heartburn. She was amazed and asked me what I was doing to remain so healthy. I didn’t suffer from much back pain, I didn’t retain water, I wasn’t constipated, and I was ready to go home the day after giving birth without the need for pain medication. I attribute most of this to YOGA! I practiced 20 minutes of yoga every night during pretty much my entire pregnancy. It felt so good to stretch, relax, and focus on my changing body. I focused on stretching and strengthening my lower back and hips/pelvic area specifically, and I do believe this is one of the main reasons I didn’t suffer from much pain before or after birth, I had a quick birth (3 hours after getting to the hospital) ,and I bounced back pretty quickly. I recommend to all new moms to start a daily yoga routine early in your pregnancy to help stretch and strengthen your ligaments and muscles. Not only will this help in your actual birth, but it will help your body tremendously after birth to remain strong and flexible and bounce back. Focus on doing standing and sitting stretches as once your pregnancy progresses you will probably be unable to lie flat on your back or bend over forwards. Any poses that stretch your hips and pelvic area are beneficial, and make sure to hold the poses long enough to get a good stretch. There are plenty of websites that list poses good during pregnancy if you don’t have time or the means to go to prenatal yoga classes. I loved the blog post done by Birth Without Fear ( and used this as a guide for good prenatal poses. Just be sure you are doing the stretches properly and safely so you do not injure yourself.


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